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Living A Life of Transparency

One of the most critical matters of our discipleship is to answer the question, will we live our lives with such transparency that people will be reached for the Kingdom of God through our witness? When Jesus went about healing and delivering those whose souls had been possessed and ravaged by demon spirits, they were open about their pain, sickness, disease, struggles, challenges, and misfortunes and they cried out for God’s grace and mercy to heal. (Acts 10:38, Mark 5:25-29, John 5:1-15)
As we look around in our families, communities, cities, and world, people are in pain and hurting. The soul of the world is laden with sickness and disease. Even medical science is baffled by the enormity of maladies that we are faced with in our society. So many people live isolated and alone and feel that no one understands the depth of their pain.
As believers and disciples of Christ, we have some real answers to soul sickness, distress, and disease. We have ourselves as witnesses who have experienced the transforming power of God. (Romans 12:1-2) What more effective way to release a hurting soul than to share with them how God transformed our lives in order to encourage faith, hope, and love in their hearts. For we ought not be ashamed of the Gospel because it is still the power of salvation to everyone who believes. (Romans 1:16)
No matter what moral, physical, or spiritual state we find ourselves in, God can deliver and heal us. As God’s ambassadors in the earth, we cannot be afraid to tell the stories of our dark past or our dark nights of the soul. Someone needs to know that they are not alone but are being empowered by the stories of witnesses who are living a life of transparency. This lifestyle of transparency is an intentional sharing of oneself without shame or embarrassment knowing that God has completely covered every broken place in our lives with grace, mercy, and love!

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