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Living A Life of Transparency

One of the most critical matters of our discipleship is to answer the question, will we live our lives with such transparency that people will be reached for the Kingdom of God through our witness? When Jesus went about healing and delivering those whose souls had been possessed and ravaged by demon spirits, they were open about their pain, sickness, disease, struggles, challenges, and misfortunes and they cried out for God’s grace and mercy to heal. (Acts 10:38, Mark 5:25-29, John 5:1-15)
As we look around in our families, communities, cities, and world, people are in pain and hurting. The soul of the world is laden with sickness and disease. Even medical science is baffled by the enormity of maladies that we are faced with in our society. So many people live isolated and alone and feel that no one understands the depth of their pain.
As believers and disciples of Christ, we have some real answers to soul sickness, distress, and disease. We have ourselves as witnesses who have experienced the transforming power of God. (Romans 12:1-2) What more effective way to release a hurting soul than to share with them how God transformed our lives in order to encourage faith, hope, and love in their hearts. For we ought not be ashamed of the Gospel because it is still the power of salvation to everyone who believes. (Romans 1:16)
No matter what moral, physical, or spiritual state we find ourselves in, God can deliver and heal us. As God’s ambassadors in the earth, we cannot be afraid to tell the stories of our dark past or our dark nights of the soul. Someone needs to know that they are not alone but are being empowered by the stories of witnesses who are living a life of transparency. This lifestyle of transparency is an intentional sharing of oneself without shame or embarrassment knowing that God has completely covered every broken place in our lives with grace, mercy, and love!

Come Holy Spirit, Come

Heavenly Father, we have gathered here in this place in the name of Jesus. We want to give You thanks, glory, honor, and praise. We have come to seek Your face and to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Thank You that we can approach Your throne of grace with boldness in our time of need; and right now, we need You.

Father, You promised us a comforter, teacher, and helper as believers who have been bought with a price by the blood of Jesus. We plead the blood of Jesus over our prayers right now. We have come to this place asking that You will cleanse and purify us by the power of Your Word and Holy Spirit.

We have come for You to put the search light on all of our hearts to show us how we have fallen short of Your perfect will for our lives. Search us oh God, and know our hearts, try us and know our thoughts and see if there is any wicked way in us and lead us into the way everlasting. (Psalms139) We have come to humble ourselves under Your mighty hand. We have come to seek Your face. We have come to be healed, delivered, transformed, and set free. We have come for our miracle!

We confess that we and our ancestors have sinned against You. We did not keep Your covenant of holiness, love, righteousness, and peace. We have inflicted pain and abuse on one another. We have turned a deaf ear to the cries of the poor, orphans, and widows. We have shown prejudice, racism, sexism, deception, oppressiveness, pride, arrogance, and selfishness in our dealings with one another. We have been sinful in mind, body, and spirit. We have not treated our bodies as the temple of Your Holy Spirit; but Father, search us right now, purify us right now, and fill us with Your precious Holy Spirit.

Father, the land we live in is sick and diseased and we do not have any power of our own to heal and change it. Start with Your church, Your called out assembly. Let judgement begin with us because we have failed to seek You and to walk in unity. We opened the door for the enemy to work and wreak havoc in Your house of prayer. We have been at war with one another. There is violence in our families, in our churches, in our communities, and in the institutions of the land. There are race riots, divisions, and brutalities. Injustices are being inflicted upon the disadvantaged and the marginalized. Our children are suffering in the streets.

Immorality is at an all-time high and has blinded us to our inhumanity toward one another. Cleanse us; let the world see that we really are Your people by our love for You and for our neighbors of all nations. Help us to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us go preaching that Your Kingdom has come.

Right now we decree and declare that nothing will hinder us from this prayer hour. We bind the demonic spirits of uncleanness, fear, disruption, pride, envy, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, misunderstanding, violence, anger, and rage.

We loose purity, faith, unity, cooperation, understanding, and love. We decree and declare that we are covered during this prayer time in the full armor according to Ephesians 6:10-18. Bring on a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in our church, on the people, the pastor, and the leaders in Jesus name ~ Amen!

John 14:13, John 4:24, Hebrews 4:16, John 14:16, 1 Corinthians 6:20, 2 Corinthians 7:1,1Peter 5:6, Nehemiah 1:6, 1Corinthians 6:19,
1 Peter 4:17, Mark 11:17, John 13

A Prayer to Activate Our Soul

Heavenly Father,

We come before Your Throne of Grace to enter into Your presence. You said in Your Word, “If we seek You, we will find You if we do it with all of our heart and all of our soul.”  We come to ask that You will first create in us a new heart and a new mind. We come to ask that You will revive our hearts to seek You daily.

Restore to us the awe of being in a relationship with You. Restore in us a flame of fire and streams of water that will flow like living water from our bellies. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and baptize us with Your heavenly language. Give us Dunamis power to live holy, to witness, to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to cast out demons, and to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. In Jesus mighty name ~ Amen

Scriptures for Meditation: Jeremiah 29:13, Ezekiel 36:26, John 7:38, Acts 2:4, Acts 1:8, Matthew 10:1-2, Matthew 24:14

A Prayer of Faith

Welcome, Holy Spirit, as we rise this day to give You praise. We rise to give You thanks, glory, and honor. Thank You for being the partner and Comforter we need. Thank You Heavenly Father of the Universe for filling us with Your Holy Spirit. Give us the power we need to be carriers of love, peace, and joy today. Teach us how to search our hearts and cleanse our souls of anything that will lead us into lifestyles of impurity. Help us live the life that You ordained for us before the foundation of the world.

We have an assurance from Your Word that we can have whatever we say if it is according to Your will. Healing, Deliverance, Restoration, and Forgiveness belong to us. Thank You for providing us a rich heritage and many blessings in heavenly places. Strengthen the faith of Your people today and help us to realize that we have power within ourselves to change our situation; it is in our mouth. Give us Your Word for the circumstances we are facing. Some of us are faced with family problems, sickness and pain in our body, mind, and spirit, relationship challenges, financial lack, wayward children, unemployment, mental and emotional struggles, and conflicts of various kinds, but we exercise our faith and say what Your Word says about our situations. We decree and declare that You are moving to bring about change.

Stir up our hunger for Your Word today and give us a promise that we can stand on. Help us to stand even when we do not see immediate change in our circumstance. We trust that You are working by Your Holy Spirit. Let Your Holy Spirit work in us the will to do Your good pleasure. In Jesus’ name ~ Amen.

Scriptures for Meditation: Mark 11:24, James 5:14, Psalm 51, Romans 4:17, Philippians 2:13

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